Tattoo Removal
is no longer a “luxury”.

Safety First

Owned and supervised by a doctor in Toronto.

We provide the safest environments for our patients looking for either laser tattoo removal or simply lightening it to allow for a cover up.

Great Pricing

How much should laser tattoo removal cost?

We offer the most affordable tattoo removal solutions in Toronto because we believe in fair pricing.

No Contracts

You don’t do complicated tattoo removal packages

We provide our patients with the proper expectations on their laser removals, so the number of treatments you pay for is completely up to you.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

There’s a stigma that laser tattoo removal is a pricey procedure and only for those who can afford it. Our goal is to bring fair pricing to an industry filled with distraught and patients stuck in contracts. We only charge a low fee per session with no contracts.

Small 3″ x 3″

laser tattoo removal canada small pricing chart toronto

Medium 6″ x 6″

laser tattoo removal canada medium size pricing chart toronto

Large 9″ x 9″

laser tattoo removal canada large size pricing chart toronto

Anything Larger

laser tattoo removal canada sympathy pricing chart toronto

*Based on the industry leading competitors *Pricing is per session

Our Service to You

Serving Toronto & the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Having a better understanding of your tattoo removal goals is our key focus here at Tattoo Removal Canada.  We place the highest priority on informing, educating, and setting expectations on the process of laser tattoo removal.  Whether you choose to be treated by us or not, we’ll be happy knowing that we were able to give you the information you needed to make the right decision.  So, let us help you.

“How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?”  – not as much as you’ve been told


  • Visited tattoo removal Canada while travelling to inquire about getting a regretful tattoo removed.
    They were extremely helpful and the prices were surprising! I would recommend to anyone who, like me, wants an unwanted tattoo removed without breaking the bank.

    Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson
  • Clean, professional, friendly place. I only have one small tattoo to remove for a cover up, but look forward to the sessions each time. My results have exceed my expectations. They were able to educate me on the procedure and help me understand the process going into each session (two so far). Highly recommended and completely satisfied!

    Faye Nicolas
    Faye Nicolas

The Best Option When Thinking About a Tattoo Cover Up

A tattoo cover up involves attempting to cover a small tattoo with a larger one. In essence, you’re trying to drown out the old tattoo with a more prominent one. At Tattoo Removal Canada, we do not judge, we understand that regret comes in all shapes and sizes and we are here to help! Getting a tattoo lightened in preparation for a tattoo cover up is an excellent way to improve the results for your cover up; as well as being a solution for tattoo cover up that we at Tattoo Removal Canada are well versed in. Read more….

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