Letter from Dr. Patrick Chiu

Tattoos have become a growing trend in recent decades and are no longer considered a taboo. Embraced by people from all walks of life, ink work can be found on young people, elders, tradesmen, professionals, executives and even doctors. I noticed as the trend grew, so did the number of people getting them.

New standards for quality, artistry and craftsmanship had been set. Certainly, tattoos didn’t look the way I remembered them growing up. Tattoos began to evolve into pieces of art much like what people painted or hung in their homes. The paradigm shift in quality tattoos and artistry should have naturally made low quality, amateur tattoo work a thing of the past. I began to differentiate the good work from the bad. This was the catalyst that diverted my attention to the laser tattoo removal industry.

Everyone makes mistakes. Some last longer than others. Sometimes getting a tattoo was well thought out but hearts and minds change with age. Other times a well thought out tattoo didn’t come out the way a person intended because the tattoo shop did not have a professional tattoo artist. Not every mistake is permanent or needs to last a lifetime. Whatever that situation, I wanted to become the best tattoo removal doctor in Toronto by giving people the chance to forget mistakes they’ve made on a whim.

I also wanted to help the people passionate about tattoos to start with a clean slate so they can get the tattoo artwork they always wanted. Furthermore I felt there was a necessity to open a laser surgery tattoo removal clinic in Toronto that educates clients about safe tattoo removal options from a qualified and experienced tattoo removal specialist.

The result is Tattoo Removal Canada. I began my practice and started to offer laser surgery for Tattoo removal in Toronto and the greater GTA. The team at my clinic and I are setting new standards across Canada by using the latest technology and practices to make our clients’ experience cost effective and safe. We offer affordable laser tattoo removal. It’s no longer a luxury.



Dr. Patrick Chiu”

Meet Emma

Kind hearted and professional, Emma is our highly trained Laser Technician. Dr. Patrick Chiu personally trained Emma and she’s the first face our patients meet. From the first consultation to every step of the procedure, Emma is qualified to answer many of the technical or challenging laser removal questions our patients may have. If the occasion arises where she may need additional information, Dr. Chiu is right at her fingertips. You’re in great hands with her and with her background in arts she may be handy in selecting your next tattoo.

Too Honest for Our Own Good

At Tattoo Removal Canada we offer free consultations on laser tattoo removal in Toronto. We educate our clients and patients on the entire process and answer any questions or concerns they may have. We set achievable goals and realistic expectations. Anyone curious about how laser tattoo removal works or simply want to see the advanced laser we use, in person, can visit us any time. We’re here to serve and educate the people of Toronto and reduce the fear and apprehensions they may have about the process.

Introducing the award winning tattoo removal laser

The team at Tattoo Removal Canada is highly trained in using the Medlite C6 laser. It’s known as the gold standard for multi-colored tattoo removal.  It uses state of the art Q-switched laser technology and shatters ink particles without damaging your skin.  It has won countless awards for being the best laser for tattoo removal, and has an amazing safety track record.

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