How does it work?

The safest and most effect tattoo removal method today is by a laser that emits fast pulses of light energy to shatter tattoo ink into smaller particles, which is then removed through your immune system, while not damaging the surrounding skin.

How much does it cost?

Traditionally, laser tattoo removal is an expensive procedure, with most clinics charging hundreds of dollars per session for an average sized tattoo. Over multiple sessions, the cost can be overwhelming. We have simplified and dramatically reduced the pricing in order to connect with more people in need of this service. We believe that laser tattoo removal should not be a luxury procedure and this is why we don’t make you sign contracts or tie you down with packages.

Is it dangerous/harmful?

With the appropriate laser and trained professional, the procedure is not only safe, but has the best track record for unharmed or damaged skin. At Tattoo Removal Canada, your treatments are done at our medical clinic and supervised by a doctor. Each patient’s treatment plan is thoroughly assessed, their progress is recorded and managed, and aftercare plans are always followed up with by our laser technician.

How much does it hurt?

The procedure is a painful one as the ink is being shattered in the secondary layer of skin (the dermis). However, with the application of a strong numbing cream, the procedure is more than tolerable since the pain is gone once the treatment is done. With the proper application, it can be comparable to getting a tattoo. Unlike a tattoo with a consistent lingering pain, the pain from laser tattoo removal is temporary, leaving only a warm feeling in your skin.

Will my tattoo come back?

No, once the ink has been shattered, it will remain shattered. Each session will break up more ink particles into smaller granules which will make it easier for your immune system to remove.

Are there alternatives?

Alternatives pose unnecessary risks. The technology and research studies behind the Q-switched lasers are decades old making it the gold standard in laser tattoo removal. Alternatives to laser tattoo removal include toxic removal creams and salabrasion which can harm and scar the skin.

What are the different types of tattoo removal lasers?

There are various types of lasers. The Q-Switched Ruby and Alexandrite lasers are used in laser tattoo removal often, however the Picosure laser is the latest technological advancement for tattoo removal. Dr. Chiu at Tattoo Removal Canada uses the Medlite C6 Nd:YAG because it’s manufactured in the United States by a trusted company. The laser has an excellent track record for its effectiveness and safe usage on all skin types. The Medlite C6 Nd:YAG laser can produce four wavelengths that are effective in treating black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange and fluorescent inks.

How long will it take the skin to heal after the laser treatment?

It takes about a week for the treated skin area to heal. After your laser removal treatment session, keep the skin area covered with gauze and plain petroleum jelly (Vaseline). The petrol jelly helps to seal and protect the skin and allowing it to heal. After this period the skin has typically healed and you can carry on as usual. One important part of the tattoo removal healing process to remember is to avoid direct sun or unwanted darkening of the skin. Using high UV protection is recommended during summer months.

Why does the skin blister after the laser tattoo removal treatment?

Occasionally the treated skin area can experience collateral damage due to the exploding ink particles. Skin blisters are usually uncommon and don’t cause permanent damage. If the blisters are large, they can be drained using sterile needles at the clinic. Dr.Chiu highly recommends that you avoid popping the blisters. It’s unnecessary and they will drain on their own during the first week after treatment. Blistering can manifest on some patients whose tattoos are very new, have very dense in ink (cover ups), or people who are prone to blistering from sunburns.

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