Laser Tattoo Removal vs. Tattoo Removal Cream

regretting a tattoo torontoTattoo regret happens. That’s the bottom line. Fortunately, there are affordable laser tattoo removal clinics in Toronto that are able to remove your tattoo as well as your regret.

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective tattoo removal option. That being said, some will tend to explore other options found on the internet or through friends. Perhaps by fear of pain or costs, some will come across tattoo removal options such as tattoo removal creams.

In a previous article, we sized up laser tattoo removal against other tattoo removal options. This post will focus more on tattoo removal creams.

How does Tattoo Removal Cream compare?

Some of you may have heard about tattoo removal creams. They promise to remove your tattoo through steady application over a period of several months to a year. This type of solution might seem ideal, because the treatment can be done in private, at home.

That being said, before you begin investing time, research and money into such a method, it’s important to understand the risks of using tattoo removal cream as well as the actual effectiveness of the cream versus the alternatives.

1. Takes More Time

While it is very difficult to attach a timeline to tattoo removal using creams, laser tattoo removal is well known to show results after just your first visit. Many find that it can take around 9 months before any progress is seen using tattoo removal creams.

regretting a tattoo toronto

Laser tattoo removal after one session

2. Less Effective

Tattoo removal creams, however, have been frequently debunked by medical professionals as having little to no visible effect. To compound on this downside, tattoo removal creams often require several months of time investment before any visible difference in the tattoo can be seen.

The results of Laser Tattoo Removal can be seen as early as the first appointment, with each subsequent meeting showing visible results instantly.

3. Safety Concerns

A lot of tattoo removal creams contain powerful chemicals that are needed when attempting to break down chemicals hidden deep within your skin. Safety should be your primary concern when removing a tattoo, so understanding the risks of tattoo removal cream is essential.

In order for any tattoo removal cream to reach the embedded ink, they would have to break down or damage the skin (dermis). In fact, many tattoo removal creams include compounds such as TriChloro Acetic Acid and Hydroquinone. Both of these chemicals are extremely hazardous to your skin and are in fact banned in several countries.

While laser tattoo removal can cause some discomfort during procedures, the severity and longevity of the discomfort is greatly reduced. Laser tattoo removal treatments are usually spaced 6 weeks apart, while tattoo removal cream requires application daily. So, laser tattoo removal is ultimately less intrusive to your daily life!

regretting a tattoo toronto

Laser tattoo removal after 1 treatment

4. Cost

Tattoo removal creams, on the other hand, can cost hundreds of dollars for a single month’s worth of supply. When you consider the fact that tattoo removal creams require a minimum of 9 months before any evidence of removal can be seen, people are more likely to switch to effective laser tattoo removal anyhow.

Originally, laser tattoo removal was prohibitively expensive but here at our Toronto tattoo removal clinic, we offer affordable tattoo removal and extremely competitive pricing. With laser tattoo removals having so many advantages over tattoo removal cream as well as having fewer drawbacks, the choice is clear.