While we believe that discussing your laser tattoo removal during an in person complimentary consultation is best, we also feel that having an idea of the process is crucial when making a decision on tattoo removal.  So here is an introduction on what we can do for you.

Your Pre-treatment Plan:

Every patient we assess has a unique story. We want our tattoo removal patients to ask lots of questions and express any concerns. At your free consultation we consider a number a variables such as location, colours, age and size of the tattoo to be removed to explore all of the options we have available. We also take your medical history and or any medical conditions into account so we can determine your personalized treatment plan. The consultation also helps to set realistic goals and how many laser treatments may be required for the tattoo removal.

Your Treatment Plan:

After we’ve thoroughly educated our patients on the process of tattoo removal we give them a treatment plan tailored to meet their needs. Dr. Chui and his team outline the most effective and safe approaches to begin your laser tattoo removal treatment and healing methods.

Your Aftercare Plan

A successful tattoo removal process relies on proper aftercare just as much as the treatment itself. We recommend that all our patients take the necessary time to heal. Healing techniques can be modified depending on the client and their lifestyle. Generally there’s a 6-8 week period between each session. Dr. Chiu will guide you through the best aftercare practices throughout your treatment.

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Laser tattoo removal differs from case to case. Different skin tones, tattoo location and your ability to heal play a large factor in the approach we take. At the same time it’s impossible to know what type of ink and ink density was used on the skin which can make predictions inaccurate.

Q-switched lasers have been known to completely remove tattoos successfully. The technology is cutting edge and undeniably the best. There are newer lasers out there that can remove tattoos faster however Q-switched lasers have been around for decades and studies have been done with thousands of patients worldwide, which show that they are the most effective.  We know that it’s safe and we know that there are no long-term side effects. Establishing your expectations will not only provide the most effective laser tattoo removal, but also give you piece of mind. By following our custom tailored aftercare plan and understanding the process we’ll set you up for a successful treatment plan. Happy Fading!

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