As a quick look through our gallery of our laser tattoo removal results demonstrates, tattoo removal is an involved, yet effective process. There is no single rule for how long tattoo removal takes; each individual tattoo will have to be assessed.


Results from laser tattoo removal can vary. Small thin tattoos clear up after fewer sessions, while tattoos that cover a lot of surface area can require a number of treatments. While the skin heals after approximately a week, the wait between treatments is longer.


The shortest intervals we can safely give between treatments is 6 weeks. However, the best results come with patience. Our most successful tattoo removals come from 6-8 week treatment intervals. Be wary of promises for fast tattoo removal. Having a removal session after the recommended interval time will not only result in a more successful tattoo removal, it will reduce risks and avoid permanent scarring.


These images provide a good visualization of how laser tattoo removal results. The laser emits light particles that shatter the ink into smaller molecules. You can see how this creates a faded appearance. As the ink is broken up and removed over multiple treatments the tattoo continues to fade until all the ink is gone.

When looking at the images you can see how quickly something small, like an eyebrow tattoo fades, or words spelt with thin lines. Large back, or full arm tattoos, especially with thick lines or filled in with brilliant colours and details are shown to require more sessions. It pretty much comes down to how much ink there is that needs to be broken up. Comparing your tattoo up against those in this gallery may help to give a rough idea of how many treatments you may require.

*All photos above are property of Tattoo Removal Canada. They were taken before and after sessions of our clients  in our clinic by our staff.

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